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Activated Carbon

Quality granular Activated Carbon from coconut shell is suitable for water, air, food and beverages, pharmaceutical and mining applications, with the benefit of cost effectiveness, hardness, ease of handling, and more importantly environment-friendly because it is from a renewable source.

Sizes4x8, 6×12, 8×16, 12×40, 18×40 and 30×70 USS particle sizes
Standard Product Specification:
CTC Activity 50-70 Packaging 25kg sacks and 500kg bags
Other sizes and activity are available upon request.


Granulated Charcoal

Excellent grade of Granulated Charcoal for mature and quality coconut shell for Activated Carbon production.

Standard Product Specification:
Sizes 3×6, 4×8, 6×20, 8×20, 7×50
Moisture 8% Max
Ash 3% Max
Volatile Matter 16% Max
Fixed Carbon 81% Min
Packaging 500kg bags
Indicated specifications can be customized as per buyer’s requirements.


Charcoal Briquets

Premium quality Charcoal Briquets for household or restaurant and indoor or outdoor barbeque. Environment-friendly because it is chemical-free and made form renewable source of coconut shell charcoal.

Standard Product Specification:
Dimensions 43x40x21mm (pillow-shaped)
Fixed Carbon 60% Min
Moisture 8% Max
Ash 18% Max
Packaging In bulk or 25kg sacks
Other sizes and activity are available upon request.